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or request a personal script if none of our scripts fits what you are
looking for.

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Our mods work universally and are very easy to optimize depending on
your personal in-game-settings and your own playstyle and everything
else that may vary from player to player, which makes it very easy to
jump from loadout-to-loadout or even from game-to-game.


Elevating gaming performance through scripted controllers and modding devices. Join us for updates and collaborations.

  • Free Updates

    Once the script is purchased, any minor or major updates to the script's features and mods will be delievered to you without any need to pay

  • Express Delivery

    The script download will be ready instantly after purchase, Updates will be received on your email instantly after release.

  • Free Technical Support

    For our not-so-experienced customers that are worried about not knowing how to install and set-up the scripts. Dont worry, we got you! We have a
    step by step video tutorial on how...

  • Personal Scripts

    If none of our scripts fits what you're looking for, or you simply want a
    speedrunning script or a story-mode script or anything that you cant
    find anywhere else, you can contact...