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Dracarys Mods



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  • Linear Anti Recoil 
  • Dynamic Rapid Fire
  • Polar Aim Assist  
  • Sticky Aim Assist
  • Aim Stability 
  • Aim Correction 
  • Silent Aim Assist 
  • Aim Snap Assist
  • Aim Tracker
  • Anti Damage Wobble
  • Strafe Shot   
  • Auto Run
  • Inverted Y    
  • Custom Sens
  • Melee Turbo
  • Quick Scope
  • Hold Breath
  • Hair Reflex   
  • Quick Reload
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Been using these scripts since ESHUB

    This platform used to be hosted on another website back in ESHUB days on UC3 and UC4 and I used to easily dominate lobbies with their scripts, awesome work as always been. Customer Support is fantastic, Love the work. Totally recommend.

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    Benefits Of Our Scripts:

    • Aim better And Follow Enemies Accurately: We have Different kinds of killer Aim Abuse(Aim Abuse Settings are provided to you after purchase, which means you don't have to look for them or set-up the aim assist yourself.)
    • Control Your Weapons Much More Effeciently: Utilize our Anti Recoil and Aim Perfection mod systems to your advantage.
    • Straightforward Setup: It’s easy to get started with everything you need included in the script.
    • No More Trying Out Scripts:
      We will give you the best possible enhancement in your gameplay and
      best support that you won't need to buy or try other scripts anymore.
    • Upgrade To Elite Gaming: Dominate all your favorite games like Call Of Duty, Rogue Company, Apex Legends..etc using our huge variations of mods!
    • Brilliant Collection Of Mods:
      Our scripts so far have proven to include the most massive amount of
      mods in them. Having it easy to toggle any mod ON or OFF at any time in
      the game.
    • Works With Any Shooter Game: plug this game on any shooter game and everything will sync smoothly!